Sunday, June 05, 2022

1 Year Ago

It was one year ago that magic happened on the Assateague Island. Hayley and Tyler were scheduled to get married on this day on the beach, which they did do, but that was only part of the magic that we witnessed on this special day. 

Hayley has always had a running joke about wanting a pony, one year for Christmas we got her a laptop and as she was opening it we asked her to guess what it was and she said it was a pony. 

When Michelle and I were on our honeymoon, we had taken a charter over to Assateague Island for a few hours and we saw a number of wild pony's that inhabit the island. We took a few pictures of them and sent them to Hayley, being she loved Ponies. 

One year ago today, Hayley and Tyler were married on the beach of Assateague Island. Tyler and his Dad and a few of the guys had went to the beach to set up for the day. Michelle and I brought Hayley after she was ready and her and I started at the edge of the beach. It took her a few minutes to realize it, but there were about a half a dozen or so wild pony's in behind the wedding party. They stood there pretty much from the time they were setting up for the wedding and didn't move. I walk Hayley down the isle and give her away, and the wedding ceremony was performed. 

During the ceremony the horses pretty much stayed in same spot facing the wedding where they had been for a couple of hours during the setup. They didn't move. 

AFTER the ceremoney, the horses all came over to greet the newlyweds, completely unplanned and unscripted. That was the magic. I spoke to a laddy who was there and went to that beach pretty much every day, she said it's like they stood at attention until it was over with and then mingled. She also said the ponies had not been in that area of Assateague Island for at least 30 days. 

Happy First Anniversary Hayley and Tyler. 

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