Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The WTH Wednesday Blog

Bonus Points to anyone who can identify what is in image. 
Yesterday I wrote the tidbits blog as I usually do on every Tuesday. I wrote it Monday night just before I went to bed so I didn't forget about it in the morning. Typical day so to speak, par for the course as of late.

Well to my surprise the entire back side interface had changed and it was changed to something that I really didn't care for.

Normal Interface
I've been writing this blog going on 16 years now, most of that being done on a daily basis and that's a long streak of consecutive days where I've put content out and not missed. 16 years of seeing the exact same back end interface without fail and all of a sudden everything changed with no notice.

Zoom ahead a day to today's blog and I was prepared to once again see the interface that I had to use when I wrote my tidbits blog.

New Backend interface
Surprise, everything appears to be back to normal for now. It looks just the same as it has for years. Needless to say I was quite happy, until I tried to grab a screen shot of what the this interface looks like to show everyone and the new one popped up. As I'm writing this one, I opened the back end in a different tab and the interface I don't like was there staring me in the face.

Make up my mind Blogger, I prefer to traditional interface that I am used to, the one I have used for 16 years as opposed to this newer one. Now if I were new to blogging and was just setting one up and never seen any back ends before, I might like it because the new one is a little more user friendly.

The classic back end is a little trickier, but for people like me who understand HTML code, it gave me very helpful options that I could use to correctly format posts.

Oh well. Going to the first picture in this blog, it's a sterogram. A picture hidden within a picture. Can anyone see the Helicopter?

Have a great day.

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