Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday Morning Rambling

Here I sit on a quiet Sunday Morning, my co-author is no where to be found and I'm here collecting my thoughts for the day. The TV is on in the background as it always seems to be and it's playing the Hot Chick with Rob Schneider.

I have some sort of Softball news this morning. Michelle and did a little running around yesterday morning. First to Rural King and then to Lowes. At Lowes we ran into a former Softball team mate in Paul Gunter and his wife Laura. We talked to them a few minutes then ran into the store and shopped and then ran into a current Softball team mate in Scott Bartlett and his wife Misty who was also shopping.

Also on the softball front I learned some bad news over night, our former sponsor from Judies Lounge years ago, Judie Gillespie (Konchesky) had passed away. She was 75 years old and was arguably the best Softball sponsor that we ever had. Rest in peace Judie.

Our agenda for the day will be our grocery shopping, then probably home for the rest of the day. I did start watching another past season of Survivor last night (season 25) and was kind of shocked to learn that that season had two former celebrities that no one recognized. Lisa Whelchel who played Blair on the Facts of Life and Former National League MVP and multiple time All-Star Jeff Kent. Reading a review of the season, Whelchel was one of the finalists at the final tribal council but was a runner up and not the winner. Interesting season to say the least.

Have yourselves a great day.

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