Sunday, July 30, 2017

Reunion Weekend a Huge Success

The 35th Morgantown High School Class Reunion is now complete, it's thrown in to our memory bank and many of our classmates are now going to be returning home to where they live.

It was a very successful weekend, one that I will always remember and we have a few people to thank for organizing this and pulling it all together.

John and Stephanie Smith for organizing the picnic, doing all the cooking and shopping and making sure the whole event went off without a hitch.

Ron and Sarabeth Blosser for the great feast that we all enjoyed last night at Whitetail Crossing and for providing us a great venue to have a reunion.

And to all my classmates, both this in attendance and to the ones who were unable to attend, you are the reason for this gathering and making it a very special weekend.

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