Thursday, April 27, 2017

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out and look through some of the pictures that I have either taken, scanned or stolen off of the internet through the years and find one special picture that stands out. Little lost moments in time from yesterday caught with a Cameras lens and relived right here in my blog. Sometimes it's pretty easy to find that one special picture and sometimes it's not that easy, one thing it consistently is however is a whole lot of fun.

This weeks picture is a pretty special one to Michelle and I. Yes it is coming up on seven years since this fateful day that I made Michelle wait 777 days for. This was the day that I proposed marriage to Michelle and she said yes. It was much earlier in the day that I proposed, as this picture is actually at the WVU Spring Game that year, but it was later that evening. I was going to try to have it put on the big screen at the Stadium, since I knew the operator, but it would have gotten him into trouble and I didn't want to do that, so I did it in the early morning in the back yard.

Later that night after the spring game, we went to a party at Trish's house. She had a bonfire going and had invited a number of people to come over which we did.

Have yourselves a great day today.

Hi ho hi ho

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