Monday, April 24, 2017


It's time to stick our collective noses back on the grindstone that we know and get back to doing what it is we do for a living. Time for all the fun to stop and to get back to work for another fun filled week of working.

Our smoking yesterday went really well as we smoked Pork Ribs and Pork Belly which we will have for dinner this evening. I love the warm weather season and I swear smoking food is the absolute best way to prepare any meat, especially when it's pork.

Light schedule ahead for me this week, a couple days working for RTI and a day at NETL and that's about it unless I hear from one of the other companies that I have been speaking to outside of Morgantown. I look for something to break this week or next one way or the other. I have not been sitting idly by that is for sure.

Have yourselves a great day today and make it a productive one and one to remember.

Hi ho hi ho

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