Friday, April 07, 2017

Happy 50th Birthday Terri Beth Rehmani

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Sister a very happy 50th Birthday today. She is entering that special age when you are available for AARP discounts and all kinds of other good things associated with being a half centurion.

Terri is a remarkable person and been very inspirational to me and has helped pick my up at the lowest point of my life. She picked me up, dusted me off and said go make a difference in this world and I am very grateful to her for that opportunity.

I'm not sure what Nick or anyone has anything planned for Terri today, or at least I'll plead the fifth until this evening should I say, but what ever it is it is going to be very special.

If you happen to see Terri today, make sure you take a little bit of time out and wish her a very Happy 50th Birthday today.

Happy Birthday Terri.

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