Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

There is one day of the year that has always had more of a special meaning than any other throughout the year. One where many videos have been made, stories have been told, we've seen highs and lows on that day and that day is Christmas Eve which is today.

Two years ago we saw a low, one where we lost my stepmother to Cancer and then turned right around probably at the same time and lost her brother. My dad always made Christmas Eve a special day, a day that the next generation of us have adopted and carried on and even adding our own little traditions.

Here in a few hours Sammy is going to move and we are going to get the hot sausage, a family tradition cooking. We always served it Christmas eve and we always seemed to fight for the leftovers Christmas morning.

One of the newer traditions, one that we first did in 2007 at Klaer Lodge was a Chinese Gift Exchange and it has become one of the highlights of Christmas Eve. It's something people love to do and takes away the burden of buying for so many in a large family.

Tonight we will try to get most of the family together as a whole unit. Tomorrow is usually reserved for the individual units, but tonight in preparation of Santa Claus, we get together and celebrate.

My videos from years past will be posted in a little while, stay tuned and Merry Christmas.

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