Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's Picnic

Well all of the planning and prepping is over with, now it is time for the 2015 picnic at Krepps Park. We're more than ready after a pretty busy day yesterday running around and grabbing the stuff we need for today.

I have to say that I for one am very excited, we have family coming in from all over including South Carolina and the other side of Ohio. We are going to have the chance to get a very rare picture of all my siblings (minus one we are still looking for) and spend the day with some very special people.

Last years picnic was the first, and was meant to be a Christmas in July for my Step Mother was was pretty much hiding the fact that she was fighting a losing battle with Pancreatic Cancer. What we didn't know is that we would also lose her brother the same night.

This years picnic will be about renewing. Seeing family that we rarely see and friends that we just don't take enough time out to enjoy.

I will be grabbing as many pictures and videos as I possibly can. I'll create the album on Facebook and make anyone with a camera a contributor.

Have a great day, we plan on it.

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Charlie said...

My oldest brother used to orchestrate a family reunion picnic such as this every year..he lived outside Dayton oh , but would travel and setup the reunion in Beckley wv....thats how strong he felt that family should get together and visit, talk and make memories....He has since passed, but because of his hard work we now stay in contact with family all over...such a blessing... Kudos for your hard work my will payoff 1000 fold !!! enjoy your day !!