Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sunday Morning Ramlings

Here I sit once again in a semi-quiet household, Rocky and Lilly are hearing Michael and Ashley and are up and around. They are getting ready to head to the airport for vacation, hence why we are dog sitting this week. I'm up watching Taxi Cab Confessions on HBO and collecting my thoughts for the day on the Easter Sunday.

We did have a little bit of excitement in the Valley yesterday, a BMW Ran into one of Patty's Rental Properties  yesterday afternoon, essentially shutting this portion of the Valley Down. Fortunately no one was living there at this time and no one ended up getting hurt. thankfully. Hence why Michael and Ashley are leaving this morning rather than last night for their early morning flight this morning.

We had a great day yesterday and a pretty productive one. We had Grocery shopping done, traveled to Grantsville (actually Summit PA) and had the breakfast buffet at The Casselman  and were back in West Virginia by Noon. It was a productive day to say the very least.

Today's plans are simply to prepare our Easter Dinner here at home. There is no place we need to go, nothing we need to do and are just simply going to have a relaxing day.

I hope everyone has a Great Easter Sunday, and once again for anyone traveling today, please be safe.

Have a Great Day.

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