Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Eve

It is the day before Thanksgiving, for the last 11 years that meant that Michelle and I would be heading to the Cassville Firehall to set up for the Big Thanksgiving dinner the next day, but with COVID dominating much of the story for 2020 that too has been sidelined this season. Hopefully it will return next year. 

Michelle and I have a small turkey and will be starting to prepare for tomorrow sometime this afternoon. The turkey needs to be brined is the biggest thing that we need to do for tomorrow. Unlike years past where I was helping peel 50 lb bags of potatoes and a number of other prep things such as setting up tables and chair for the next day will be absent this year. 

Tomorrow Hayley and Tyler will be coming in and enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with us, they don't have Luke this year so it will just be the two of them. 

Michelle and I ran around yesterday doing a lot of last-minute shopping to prepare for tomorrow. We did see my sister Terri at Sam's Club, she was looking for a Turkey but that's not really something Sam's sells. At least not raw ones as they did have whole smoked turkey's, but that's not what she was looking for. She was heading to Walmart when we ran into her. 

Tomorrow evening COVID permitting, we are going to try going bowling with my family. Gone are the days of Black Friday Shopping as I think it pretty much ran its course. People mostly shop online anymore, and stores were just pushing back their times to the point where families were not able to enjoy Thanksgiving together, and it just became a big burden on anyone who had anyone work in retail or the restaurant business. 

Have a great day today, and have a very special day tomorrow. 

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