Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit still half asleep and co-authorless on a quiet Saturday morning. I have no idea where Peanut is this morning, but I'm out here watching Mrs. Doubtfire on HBO and wiping the sleep from my eyes. 

The big event for the day is going to be JT's first birthday party over at Amanda and Joey's. Not sure how big of an event it is going to be, but we were invited and that is going to be the highlight of our day that we can foresee. 

The Mountaineers are off this weekend in preparation for next week's game against Oklahoma. There are going to be a number of games canceled today because of COVID (I think 13) and possibly even the West Virginia State Playoffs may see a forfeit or two today based on the states COVID map put out by The West Virginia Department of Education, some Red counties will have to be downgraded by 10:00 this morning for their games to be played or risk forfeits. It's getting worse.

Congratulation goes out to my Brother-in-Law Robert, earlier this week he had a lifetime achievement in the sport that he loves. Robert is a Bowler and loves to bowl, he's had at least 2 perfect games in his career, but Thursday night he rolled the elusive 800 series. He rolled a 268, a near-perfect 299, and a 233 to complete the 800 series. A very rare feat for any bowler and one that gets recognized nationally just like a perfect game. Just like a 300 game ring, he gets a ring for an 800 series. 

I hope everyone has a great day today, make the best of it and stay safe and wear your masks. 

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