Monday, November 23, 2020

First Day of Hunting Season

Well the fun-filled thing that we refer to as the weekend is now over with, so it's time for everyone to get back to doing what it is that we all do for a living. Noses back onto the grindstone so we can all change the world with our talents. 

Today in West Virginia could almost be called an unofficial holiday in this state, it is the first day of buck season, a two-week window when hunters can use their guns and seek their trophies in the woods of West Virginia. Please say an extra prayer for the safety of the hunters out in the woods today, let's all hope that they most importantly return home to their loved ones safe and secondly with that coveted trophy. There are a number of family members and friends that will all be out in the woods today. 

I know Michelle has about seven deer that she has been feeding all summer long, there are a couple of bucks in the group that come and pay us daily visits including a button buck who is getting braver and braver coming to the door. All of those deer should be safe as they reside in a non-hunted area that's just too close to houses to take a shot at. 

I hope everyone has a good and safe day out in the woods and some hunters even get a nice trophy. 

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