Monday, November 30, 2020

Monday, Rinse, Repeat

Well the fun-filled thing that we refer to as the weekend is now over with, so it's time for everyone to get back to doing what it is that we all do for a living. Noses back onto the grindstone so we can all change the world with our talents.

This was a horrible weekend so to speak, there was no football that I was really interested in. The Steelers play tomorrow night and then have to start preparing for Washington on Sunday and WVU was off as well as Oklahoma did not travel due to COVID concerns. Talk about a ho-hum weekend. 

No big plans for the upcoming week, other than watching the men's basketball team take on #1 Gonzaga on Wednesday and watching the Steelers tomorrow night if that game manages to get played. Other than that it looks to be a pretty uneventful week ahead. There is a full moon tonight, so there is that to look forward

I'm pretty sure that WVU is still doing all of their classes online this week as well as the Monongalia County Schools are also all cyber this week. I was talking to my niece Amy yesterday and something tells me that them having to transition to cyber could mean the end of snow days for Mon County Schools moving forward. 

Have yourselves a great start to the week and a better day. Now go change the world with what you do. 

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