Saturday, November 14, 2020

RIP Dave Carpenter

It is with much sadness today that I have to report some very bad news. Michelle's Dad Dave Carpenter has passed away Thursday evening. Dave had cancer and decided to live his life to the fullest rather than tell anyone about it or seek treatment. He even worked on Wednesday at his golf shop and was planning on shutting it down for good on Sunday. 

Michelle was by his side when he passed and her two sisters were there as well in his final moments. Michelle was holding his hand as he left this life for another. 

Dave was a golfer, I swear he played 365 days a year and even had an indoor driving range and a putting green in his office at one time believe it or not. When I say he was a golfer, I'm talking about someone who could consistently do the very rare feat of shooting his age over 18 holes. I remember last summer Michelle and I were at Hovatters Zoo and he called her to tell her that he had shot 2 below his age (a 4 below par 68 on a par 72 course) and was very proud of that fact. 

Michelle used to get daily updates from her Dad or his best friend Quinny about who beat who on their nightly battle on the golf course and would love to make fun of each other in brotherly bickering back and forth. It was Quinny who alerted Michelle as to the severity of Dave's condition causing her to go up on Wednesday morning. 

Anyone who ever met Dave liked him, he just had a very likable personality. 

Fave leaves behind his wife Karen and three very loving daughters that were with him until the very end. 

The plan is to have him cremated and give some of the ashes to all of the girls and have the rest spread over the golf course where he spent so much of his time. 

You are loved and will be missed. 

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