Saturday, November 03, 2018

My Streak is Over

Well 33 straight days of working one job or the other has officially came to an end, and it was not intentional. My AC Adapter for my laptop from the RTI job has went bad and my laptop has no power. They are sending me a replacement and a replacement laptop today, but as of right now it in Louisville Kentucky. I was going to travel today to my out of county segment, but the laptop wont be here until this afternoon and that pretty much closes the window of opportunity to get anything done today, especially since WVU is playing this afternoon.

With that being said, I think Michelle and I are going to head to Ohio's Amish Country for the day. I know she has been wanting to go and this is our window of opportunity for that, so we're going to take advantage of it. Provided her Migraine that she was developing last night has subsided and she still feels up to making the trip today. If she does, we'll be heading out of here later this morning, but probably before most people wake up.

WVU Football is on the road today, they are taking on the University of Texas at Texas on a matchup of two top 25 teams. I suck at predictions so I'm not going to say anything and plead the fifth as to what I think the outcome will be. Both teams really need to win this game today, so it might be a game filled with some big hits on both sides of the ball.

Have a great day.

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