Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sammy Morning Ramblings

Well he has made his return as he vowed to do after last Christmas when he was put into his place of hiding for the non-Christmas Season, Sammy the Elf on a Shelf has made his triumphant return once again to the Hall Household for another Christmas season.

He is here once again to stir chaos and play his favorite game of find me and where am I now. He claims to be the World (or at least Hall Household) Champion at hide and go seek, but I'm not to sure of that as Peanut can probably give Sammy a good run for his money on that category. The only difference is Sammy can stay still, almost lifeless whereas Peanut is a fireball and I swear sometimes is addicted to catnip.

Michelle and I went out yesterday and got our Christmas Tree, last year her and chad went to a tree farm to get one, this year we had to pick the remains of what was left at Lowes as it was raining when we went and picked it up. Michelle found a nice robust one that she liked and we decorated it with I think 900 lights (6 old strands and 3 new ones). Then we took a number of decorations out of the box and placed each one on the tree. Each and every decoration has cone from someplace and they all have a story associated with them. From the $60 bulb from St Louis to a number of decorations from Queenie in the Bahamas to the Christmas Store in Amish Country, every decoration has a story of its own and we talk about each and every one as we prepare to put it on the tree, including all of our memorial ornaments where we have pictures of people who are no longer with us represented on our tree.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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