Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit on a quiet Saturday morning, I'm up early watching some old Clint Eastwood movie on the boob tube and collecting my thoughts for the day.

Well yesterday was a very busy but very productive day for Michelle and I. We went and picked up our 2016 Christmas tree and have it in the base and ready to decorate today. It is a much thicker tree than anything we have purchased before, it's actually quite heavy and we had to buy a new stand for it. It's ready to be decorated today.

Last night we met at my Mom's at a time many of us agreed upon. I actually moved my schedule around to accommodate everyone else, but it was only Kim, Brittany, Michelle and I that were the only ones who were there last night. We got her tree up and decorated, they are all set for the 2016 Christmas Season. That tree is really starting to see more and more life since we started this a few years ago.

Today I have to head out into the field for RTI to try to finish up the quarter. This may be my last time out this quarter, so hopefully I can get a few of the pending interviews before they get dropped. I did find out some discouraging news yesterday, I have been summonsed to appear for Grand Jury Duty at the same time I will be in St Louis. I've already bought Michelle's plane ticket and this is my 2017 Certification to work for RTI, so unless I can work something out early next week (I have already purchased plane tickets), St Louis may be a no go this year. We'll have to wait and see, there are numerous people working on trying to fix this roadblock. I would love to serve on the Grand Jury, but I would rather go to St Louis more and actually have a financial investment in that with Michelle's ticket. Hopefully this all works out but I can't do anything till Monday.

Michelle is going to decorate our Christmas Tree this afternoon as I'm out  in the field. Hayley has to take her friend Dusty to Petersburg where she is from for her Baby Shower. Hopefully I shouldn't be out too long today.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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