Monday, November 28, 2016


Well all good things must unfortunately come to an end and that includes those wonderful things that refer to as extended Holiday weekends. Now it is time for us to all put our collective noses back on the grindstone for anther fun filled week of working while Sammy and Yoda Claus keep a watchful on on our home.

Today and tomorrow's big agenda, is to try to be removed from my Summons for the Grand Jury in January. The dates conflict with my 2017 certification for RTI and mine and Michelle's trip to St. Louis on the same dates. One of the ways to get out of it is if you have a pre-scheduled vacation which I do and have both Mine and Michelle's plane ticket to show for it. RTI is also working on  it on their end and hopefully we will have a resolution for this in a few days. I have no problem serving on the Grand Jury, and if the local one is anything like the Federal one which I was called for a few years ago, it's a year long assignment. I would love to serve (this is the third time I have been called for Jury Duty and the second for a Grand Jury), but it's the dates that conflict with my schedule.

Other than that it is a normal schedule of working this week after the Thanksgiving break. I'm pretty much done with RTI for the quarter and this quarter was bigger than my second and third quarter combined, plus all kinds of travel with this quarter, so I am quite happy with what I have accomplished. Next quarters load will not be as heavy and will be local to me from my understanding. I'm glad that there will not be a lot of travel during the most adverse weather days of the year.

Have yourselves a great day today and make the very most of it.

Hi ho hi ho

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