Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day Tuesday's Tidbits

* OK, Monday is behind us, but this is also election day, so I'll do an election day tidbits as I am feeling Patriotic today.

* We have been a Country for 87,785 days, yes it has been that long and no it is NOT going to end anytime soon.

* It was 86,755 days ago that our Nations First President took office, George Washington was sworn into office on April 30th 1879.

* 131,032,799 people voted in the 2008 Presidential Election that saw President Obama win the presidency, this is the largest voter turnout in US Election History.

* To win the Presidential Election, a Candidate need to obtain 270 of the 538 Electoral College Votes. Hence the significance of the 270 number that you always see with Presidential Elections. Each States Electoral Votes are based on the number of Senators plus how many members of the House Represent the State. WV has 3 Congressmen and 2 Senators, hence why we have 5 Electoral College Votes for Winning the State Election.

* It has been 55,360 days since President Lincoln was shot and killed.

* There have been 19,345 days that have gone by since President Kennedy was shot and Killed.

* There have been 13,034 days since Ronald Reagan was shot, President Reagan survived the assassination attempt.

* There have been 49,437 days since President James A. Garfield was shot, he did  manage to live for another two months before he died on September 19, 1881.

* There have been 42,072 days that have gone by since President William McKinley was shot and killed.

* There have been four Presidents who were assassinated while in Office: President Lincoln, President McKinley, President Garfield and President Kennedy.

* Whoever wins today's Presidential Election will be the 45th US President, but the 44th person to hold that office. Grover Cleveland won two non back to back Presidential Elections.

* We will also be electing Representatives to the 115th Congress as the 114th Congress is about to have their terms come up.

* If you are registered to vote and do not know where you will vote, use this link to see where your polling place is. I know mine changed locations for the Primary but is back to it's original location tomorrow.

* There have been 5,537 days that have gone by since the biggest terrorist attack that has ever taken place on our soil.

* There have been 2,017 days since Osama Bin Laden was found and killed for his actions involving the 9-11-01 Terrorist Attacks.

* Osama Bin Laden lived at least 3,520 days more than he should have.

* The only President who ever won 4 terms for the Office of the President was Franklin D Roosevelt.

* Presidents are limited to two terms in office now due to the XXII Amendment of the United States Constitution.

* Speaking of the House of Representatives, each states number of representatives is determined after each Census (every 10 years). Based on the Census Congressional District Lines are redrawn to reflect the most recent Census. Remember, it is your Constitutional Obligation to fill out your Census Questionaire when asked to do so.

* Which ever Presidential Candidate wins todays election, they will be sworn in as our 45th President on January 20, 2017.

* So far there have been 18 Republican Presidents, 14 Democrat Presidents, 4 Whig Presidents, 4 Democratic-Republicans (that was a party) and only 1 President that was not associated with any Party (George Washington).

* This Election will pretty much determine control of the United States Supreme Court. Merrick Garland was Nominated by President Obama 237 days ago, and in an unprecedented moves the Senate has refused to have a confirmation hearing. No Presidential nominee in the history of the Republic has ever had to wait for so long for at minimum a confirmation hearing.

* My home state of West Virginia has had one major party Presidential nominee from within our borders, John W Davis was the Democratic party nominee in 1924 but he lost to Calvin Collidge.

* Get your butts out and vote, this is your voice so don't silence it.

* Have a Great day

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