Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Hump Day

Well that is two days down, a couple more ahead of us (more for some of us) so that means it;s all downhill once we go up and over this noon time hump today.

Well today is the day that I see if my blog still posts to Facebook. The tool that I was using is no longer in existence and hopefully I have found a working alternative to solve this problem. Facebook used to go out and get my RSS feed from my blog, but they stopped doing that a long time ago. They do coordinate with Twitter which I do use, but I needed a tool to have twitter go out and get my feed from my blog so that Facebook would pick it up. I think I have been successful, but we shall see this morning if this has been a smooth transition.

We did not make out to Trick or Treat on Monday evening. We had a main water line break right across the street Monday Afternoon. Water was gushing up out of the ground and they had to dig it up and repair the line leaving the household with any running water for a few hours. I see my nieces Amy and Val and the kids all had a good time repeating what they did last year with the kids. Last years theme was Wizard of Oz, this years theme was Superheroes, except for Kynlea who was a hot dog of all things. To each their own I

Have yourselves a great day today, learn something new.

Hi ho hi ho

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