Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that not so dreaded and relaxing day called Labor Day is now over with and it's time to get back to work for a few days before we head out on our cruise. Time for a Tidbits.

* It was been 18,909 days since my birth, I am thankful and grateful for each and every one of them.

* It has been just a very short 4,132 days since I graduated from West Virginia University. I used to have an old website where I had a countdown of the days until I graduated, now we are counting this.

* It has been 2,733 wonderful days since Michelle and I went out on our very first date.

* That first date went so well that 1,957 days ago I proposed marriage.

* It has been 1,494 days since Michelle and I exchanged our marriage vows in front of our closest friends and family. It was a memorable day for both of us to say the least.

* I have about 5,928 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred here or there of course.

* We have 333 more days to go until Michelle and I will celebrate our Fifth Wedding Anniversary.

* There are only 134 more days to go until my favorite season, Spring 2016 is what I am looking most forward to.

* There are 114 more days of content that I have to write until my Goodbye 2014 blog is written.

* If you have not started your shopping yet, there are 108 more days to go until Christmas.

* I will celebrate another anniversary of my 21st Birthday in only 84 more short days.

* In 63 more days, Michelle, Pam, Terri, Kim and Brittany will be attending the Taste of Home Cooking show. They will all be attending as VIP's.

* In 61 more days the Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Oakland Raiders, I'm hearing a rumor that the winners of this years KDKA McDonald's Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia Challenge will be there. Tune in Saturday night and let me know if we won =)

* There are only 25 more days until we attend the Springs Festival. Michelle and I go up on Saturday, my sister Kim goes up on Friday evening and Terri has an open invitation from both of us to attend.

* There are only a mere 5 more days to go until we actually set sail on our 2015 Cruise aboard the Carnival Pride.

* I have written a total of 4,187 Blogs for George's Journal, not including all the ones that I have pre-written for when we go on vacation at the end of this week.

* No work this week on the Hall Family Tree, there are more pictures that need scanned and it's coming up on that time when I start to work on it.

* Nothing new on the Brother Search this week. Things are very slow and almost at a standstill right now.

* Don't forget to set your DVR's on Saturday night, the finals of the KDKA McDonald's Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia show will be airing. These are the last three teams standing after 8 weeks of this season. We advanced as the Wild Card this season just like we did last year, tune in to see if we can be the first team in Show history to repeat a Championship. We have already won it twice before, 2008 and 2014, see if we can claim that third title this year.

* This has to be the toughest week to work for the year, your mind is not on your work and all you can think about is vacation. What you need to do before you leave, what needs to get packed, hotel reservations, boarding passes, geocaches, of course all that stuff is already taken care of and we're just waiting to leave Saturday Morning.

* We will once again be empty nesters again at the end of the month. Chad has found a 2 Bedroom  apartment in Westover that he will be moving into October 1st.

* There will be no Tuesday's Tidbits next week and instead a pre-written blog about our cruise. Even bloggers need a vacation.

* Have yourselves a great day and lets get this work week started so we can get it finished.

* Hi ho hi ho

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