Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well Michelle and I finally have a Monday under our belts, the first in September believe it or not due to vacations and Holidays. Can't think of a better reason to do a tidbits.

* It has been 18,930 days and counting since my birth, some 21 + years ago.

* 4,153 days ago I graduated from West Virginia University.

* It was just 2,754 days ago that I took a wonderful woman who would later become my wife out on our very first  date.

* 1,978 days ago I had made Michelle wait long enough, so I proposed marriage to her.

* It was 1,515 days ago in front of our closest family and friends at the Marilla Center that we had our own Caribbean Style Wedding.

* I have around 5,907 days or so to go until I  retire, give or take a few hundred here or there of course..lol

* In just 2,545 more days the Backyard Brawl Football Rivalry between WVU and Pitt will once again be played.

* There are only 348 more days to go until our Cruise 2016, we already have it booked.

* 312 days to go until Michelle and I celebrate our Fifth Wedding Anniversary.

* There are only a mere 173 days to go until my favorite season of the year, Spring 2016, will once again arrive and greet us.

* There are only 93 days left until my Goodbye 2015 blog is published.

* If you have not started Shopping Christmas yet, you still have 87 more days to go.

* I have 63 more days to go until the next anniversary of my 21st Birthday.

* In just 42 more days all my sisters will get together as VIP's for the Taste of Home Cooking show.

* 40 days to go until the Pudgy Polamalus attend the Steelers vs Raiders game this fall as the winning team from Steelers Trivia.

* We have about 21 more days until everyone needs to be on the lookout for Doc Brown and Marty McFly and their flying Delorean.

* There are only 4 more days until we head East to the Springs Festival.

* I have written a total of 4,213 Blogs for George's Journal in the 11+ years that I have been a blogger.

* Nothing done this week on the Hall Family Website, we are getting closer to the time when I will start doing a little more work on it.

* Nothing new on the Brother search, We are obviously at a dead end.

* Apple has already released the 9.01 update to their latest operating system, that was a quick release of a patch. You never seemed to get updates that quick after a release with Steve Jobs.

* Chad will be moving to his new apartment later this week, Michelle and I will once again be empty nesters once again.

* We finally got a chance to visit the new Phoenix Bakery over the weekend, if you were a fan of New Day and it's predecessor Daily Kneads then Phoenix Bakery is an absolute must. They Made some small pepperoni rolls on Sunday, OMG they were awesome. This is one business we are very happy to see back up and running.

* Have yourselves a great day

* Hi ho hi ho

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