Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sunday Morning Ramblings.

Here I sit in a quiet Household, I'm the first one to recover from that losing battle with that dreaded Sandman last night and I'm watching something or another on the TV and collecting my thoughts for the day to come.

WVU showed up yesterday and did so with authority. We started out as a 30 point favorite over Georgia Southern early this summer and that dropped to 16 points by gametime, We would have covered that original spot and then some as the Mountaineers pitched a 44-0 shutout of the Eagles. The defense looked dominant and we have a few very talented wide receivers to help the offense out this coming season. I was a little disappointed in the first half at our failure to finish. If we had been able to finish this game could  have been 63-0 realistically. You play these warm up games to prepare for Big XII Conference play, so I guess you could say we had a great start to the season.

Michelle and I have assembled what we will be wearing on the formal nights for our cruise. The tie I bought last week seems to match both of her dresses. The first image is what we will be wearing on the first formal night when we have our professional pictures taken and the second picture will be the second formal night, but I'm not sure if I will wear the jacket.

It's Sunday and that means that we will do our grocery shopping and laundry today. We are off tomorrow, so who knows what we will actually get into today, it may just be one of those kids of days.

We did not win last nights Steelers Trivia Show but very tough and illogical question in one of the bonus rounds could have made the difference in us winning, That one question cost us 45 total points (20 for answering and 25 for a bonus in getting all the questions right). The question was what did 60 Minutes call the game right after the game (Greatest Game ever played), but even Bob admitted that was a very tough question. We did score enough points to advance to next weeks Championship round and a chance to defend our title. We won it last season as the Wild Cards like we are on pace to do this year. Tune in next week to see if we win it all

Have yourselves a Great Sunday.

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