Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Day at Sea

Michelle working Cryptogram
As Michelle and I are on Vacation this week aboard the Carnival Pride, you can track our Ship Location and watch for us on the Ships two cameras in the Aft or in the Forward Cameras. I am obviously absentee and will be writing my blogs absentee as even bloggers need a vacation.

Well here we are on our second day at Sea today, this is the last day we have before we start to arrive at our Ports of Call, Tomorrow is Grand Turk, but that is tomorrows blog.

Usually on the second day at Sea they run a lot of the fun stuff in the evenings, as all of the entertainment is concentrated on board as we are not in any port of call. Last year (see Video) Jeff the Juggler was the featured entertainment for the night, but that was last year, I'm sure there will be someone different this year.

As I did in yesterday's blog, here is the video blog that we recorded last year on the second day at sea for our cruise.

Have a Great Day, we will.

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