Monday, September 14, 2015

Day at Sea #1

As Michelle and I are on Vacation this week aboard the Carnival Pride, you can track our Ship Location and watch for us on the Ships two cameras in the Aft or in the Forward Cameras. I am obviously absentee and will be writing my blogs absentee as even bloggers need a vacation.

One thing I have always wanted to capture and have to date failed to each time I have attempted, was to capture a sunrise on the ocean. In 21 attempts we are 0 for 21 when it comes for clear weather to see this, well how about this picture that I took on last years cruise of the moon.

Anyways, this is our first full day at Sea, we'll be in waters as deep as 21,000' as we leave the Atlantic Shelf and enter into the deeper parts of the Ocean. By the time this blog posts we should be going around Cape Hatteras, which is probably the roughest water that we typically see. If you are going to get seas sick, this is where it typically occurs. Our first cruise we were in the AFT (Back) and right above the engines, so yours truly managed to get a little bit seas sick.

Tonight will be the first of two formal dinners, that is when we get all cleaned up and they serve us Lobster Tails and Prime Rib. We will once again be all dressed up and will have a series of professional pictures taken of us as we are dressed up. We printed those pictures out last year and handed them out to everyone. We're planning on doing the same thing again this year.

The following video is from our first day at sea and formal dinner last year, please enjoy it and make sure you have yourselves a great day today. We definitely will.

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