Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded thing we refer to as Monday is now once again behind us, now it is time to start looking at a Tuesday.

* At Chic-Fil-A there will be a Johnny Koon fund raiser for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research. Although I never had the opportunity to meet him, he was still my cousin and Michelle and I intend on being there this evening. 

* 18,668 days since my mom Evicted me from her body and said you're on your own son.

* It was 4,090 days ago that I Graduated from West Virginia University.

* It was 2,691 days ago that I had the pleasure of taking a wonderful woman out for our first date, I think she kind of liked me.

* 1,915 days ago I had made Michelle wait long enough and I proposed marriage to this wonderful woman.

* It was only 1,452 days ago in front of our closest friends and family that we had an our style  wedding at the Marilla Center. It was a Caribbean/Jimmy Buffett Theme and we had a great time.

* I have about 5,970 days to go until I enter into the world of retirement, give or take a few hundred here or there.

* There are only 236 more days to go until Spring 2016, my favorite season of the year.

* There are 156 more days until my Goodbye 2015 Blog, recounting my previous year based on what was placed right here in this blog will be posted. It's my last blog of the year.

* There are only 150 more shopping days left until Christmas, you still have plenty of time but this is when you might want to start planning.

* I have 126 days to go until the 31st anniversary of my 21st birthday. In case you are counting, I will still be 21 =)

* There are only 67 more days to go until the Springs Festival, this is usually the first taste we get that Summer is gone as it has been a little cold the last few years.

* There are only 47 more days until we set sail on our 2015 Cruise, this will be the fourth year in a row that we have taken this exact same cruise. I'm ready to do some snorkeling.

* There are only 39 more days until the start of the 215 WVU Football season. We open the season against Georgia Southern.

* There are only 16 more days to go until we see Jimmy Buffett once again, this has been an annual thing for Michelle and I since we first started dating.

* This is the 4,138th Blog that I have written for George's Journal, the nearly 11 year old daily recollection of my life and my experiences.

* I only have 9 days to go until mine and Michelle's Fourth Wedding Anniversary.

* The Brother Search hit a bit of a stumbling block this past week. I have heard back from the PA Department of Human Services and I am not eligible to get a copy of the birth certificate. I also reached out to Carol, and there is nothing new to report on their end.

* No work this week on the Hall Family Tree, it's summertime and have no desire to put much effort into it when it is nice outside and we can get out and do things.

* I spoke with Val briefly last week, I think she is leaning towards MTech for continuing her education. She wasn't too impressed from the reviews she read about Ross. Of course those reviews could be from people who gave half an effort and didn't make it work for them, the opportunities are there, it's up to you to take full advantage of them. No one is going to hand you anything in this life.

* Our extended weekend of dog sitting our God-Puppies is over with, they have returned to their Mommy and Daddy's. Something tells me we'll see them really soon though.

* We will be on the road once again this upcoming weekend as we head to Monaca PA for Johnny Paugh's second birthday party.

* Last night was the Mon County Fair Parade, the normal fair at the Fairgrounds opens up today.

* Have a great day

* Hi ho hi ho

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