Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Hump Day

Well that is once again two days down, there are two more ahead of us after today, now all we need to do is get up over the dreaded noontime hump and it will be all downhill moving to another weekend.

I have to once again admit, that the hardest blog of the week for me to come up with any significant content for is Wednesdays. Weekends are easy and the days leading into or following the weekend are also pretty easy. Tuesday's and Thursdays have themes that pretty much write them selves and that leaves poor lonely Wednesday as the most difficult blog to write about and this one is no different.

One thing that is changing is Michelle's son Chad is moving back in with us, he has been living in Fairmont the last two years attending Fairmont State and I think just plans on taking online classes this coming Semester, or at least that is the last I heard. Their car broke down last week and Michelle rented him one for a week to get back and forth to work, but that week is now over with and the car has been returned. He works at Petco here in Morgantown, so this was a logical decision to move back in with us more than anything else as it's closer to his employment.

Have yourselves a great day and always make the most out of each and every one of them,

Hi ho hi ho

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