Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded return to work Monday after a four day weekend is now behind us. Looking ahead at a Tuesday and wondering if there is any better reason to do a tidbits.

* 3,705 days since I received my Degree from West Virginia University.

* 2,306 days ago I had the unique opportunity to take a very special lady out for a night on the town.

* 1,530 days ago, I proposed marriage to that special lady. 4:00 AM and out in the back yard on a bench down by the creek.

* 1,065 days ago we partied it up like we did Sunday and exchanged our marriage vows at the Marilla Center. A very magical day in my life.

* I have 6,355 or so days, give or take a few hundred here or there until I enter the world of retirement. That's still a long way to go, but not as far as it was getting here.

* Only 176 more days until my world famous Goodbye 2014 Blog appears as my last blog entry for 2014. I have half a years worth of content, now I just need another half years worth.

* There are 170 more shopping days left until Christmas. You still have plenty of time, but that clock is in fact ticking.

* In 61 more days my wife and I set sail once again out of the Port of Baltimore heading to the Caribbean. I'm in some need of some snorkeling therapy for this year, I have my gear and I am ready once again.

* WVU starts their 2014 College Football season against Alabama in only 53 more days.

* I'm 29 days away from celebrating my third wedding anniversary with my wonderful wife Michelle.

* 15 more days to go until the Parrot Heads unite in Pittsburgh once again for our annual gathering and to party down with Jimmy Buffett.

* This is my 3,702nd blog post since I started as a blogger on September 11, 2004. It'll be ten years that I have been blogging and have managed to average over a blog a day for a decade. I've lasted much longer doing this than I ever imagined.

* Now with the Picnic out of the way, I brought up Christmas to both Terri and Pam this weekend to try to get a fell for what everyones plans are.

* This Saturday Riverside Church on Dent's Run is having a Car Show and will be selling BBQ Chickens fresh off the grill. This benefits their youth bible quizzing team.

* We're also getting closer, a couple of weeks from WV MountainFest here in Morgantown. There is no central location as Morgantown will be invaded by thousands of Harley Davidson's that week, so be careful that week when you drive around town.

* I see my niece Amy has added her pictures to the Family Picnic 2014 Album. I've made anyone I know who had a camera an administrator on that album so that they can add their pictures.

* I would once again like to thank everyone for attending the 2014 Picnic, I was worried we were not going to get a good turnout and it turned out very well. I say we do it again in 2015 =).

* I'm still doing well on my diet, although Sunday was one that I'll have to throw out and forget. I didn't keep track of everything and kind of pieced all day long. No worries, we're back on track today.

* I did get a Josh Judy update this weekend from his parents. Josh fractured his arm throwing a 95 MPH fastball on Father's Day and will be out for the remainder of the season. He is rehabbing the rest of the season should be ready to go for Winter ball.

* Not sure what our plans are for this weekend, I know we are once again Empty Nesters and are down to our dogs. Gracie is now back with Hayley in her new apartment.

* Hi ho hi ho

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