Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hump Day

Hump Daaaaay
Well that is once again two days don two days ahead of us, that must mean that today is the middle of the work week. Now if we can just get up and over than noon time hump, we'll be well on our ways to another fun filled weekend.

Well I have been looking around the past couple of days trying to find myself a new hobby or something to occupy my time away from the computer a little bit in the evenings. It's easy to get caught up in front of a computer screen in the evening, even after you have just spent all day in front of one of them. I'm looking into finding something not computer oriented to do.

I stopped at Michaels  and looked at a few things. I first thought to just buy a model car and put it together, but it wasn't as appealing once I actually got to the store. I then thought about building a puzzle, but that wasn't appealing either. Something that did catch my eye was clock making, something I still like the idea of but kind of lack the creativity I may need to make something appealing rather than just a few assembled parts.

Michelle mentioned metal detecting which is always a possibility, but start up costs compared to how much time I actually want to spend doing this is something that has to be considered. I've thought about Astronomy, but once again comparing start up costs to how much time I will actually spend doing it, plus I kind of like to sleep when it's dark outside.

Half of me says you don't need another project as you have the scanning and family tree to do that I started as well as writing a daily blog, but the other half of me says that I need to get away from the computer a little bit. There is always geocaching, which I need to spend a little more time doing as well.

Hi ho hi ho

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