Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what day it is? Go ahead you can say it, you know you want to. It's Hump Daaaaaaaay!!!!!!

I'm sorry, but that to me is Geico's best ever commercial and it'll never get old. That was pure advertising gold and a stroke of genius. I guess you just never know where that inspiration comes from.

I don't know about anyone else, but I find myself thinking of what I am going to be doing or where I will be at in exactly one week as opposed to being in the now. This long awaited and anticipated vacation is just a few days away, I can even count the days now on one hand. Heck, it's only 107 hours until we are pulling out of port on the boat.

There is a call for help this weekend, my Mom and Gerald will be moving on Sunday the 15th to their new home up off of Scott Avenue and will need all the help that they can muster. I'll be returning from vacation and since Michelle is having surgery on Monday, will have a lot of shopping and laundry to do that day once we get back. I'm sure that Nick can use anyone and everyone's assistance to make this move. The timing of this and me booking our vacation 7 months ago didn't work out for the best, so anyone who can assist it will be appreciated.

Hi ho hi ho

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