Sunday, September 08, 2013

Bon Voyage

I will be writing a series of absentee BLOGS while Michelle and I are on vacation. I'll be letting everyone know where we are and what we will be doing each day.

Today is embarkation day. This is the day when we have all of our paperwork, boarding passes, luggage tags, passports and everything else we are taking and head to the terminal to get processed. This is a couple hour process and involves a good deal of waiting as they restock the boat that just returned.

We'll be leaving port at 4:30 PM and traveling through the Chesapeake Bay as we make our way out to the Ocean. It'll be tomorrow morning before we actually get out into the ocean, so tonight will be our first dining experience  of the trip when we meet our new table mates. Last year we had a wonderful couple we sat with, I just wish we could have both done it again at the same time.

It'll be a day of getting on the boat and getting situated. Maybe take in a show or the Bon Voyage show which is always a whole lot of fun. I promise that there are no boring times on a cruise ship, we'll have plenty to do. Since we already know this boat, less time trying to figure out where everything is. There is a Lido Deck Ice Cream machine that is calling my name.

Bon Voyage

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