Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back in Baltimore

I will be writing a series of absentee BLOGS while Michelle and I are on vacation. I'll be letting everyone know where we are and what we will be doing each day.

Well as this posts we are probably getting ready to head back under the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge once again as we head back to the Port of Baltimore and get ready for disembarkation.

Last year it took us a while to get off the boat, but we learned if you are driving and park at the terminal, you will be the first to be let off the boat and go back through customs one final time before returning to our car Pearl.

It has hopefully been a great vacation and you may see a live blog from me this morning after this one posts to discuss how our trip really did go. I can tether my phone, something I could not do at this time last year with AT&T, so I'll have internet available to me once we hit the bay.

We will be returning to Morgantown today and spending the day getting unpacked.

I'm already looking forward to next years cruise, but we're talking about flying to Miami and departing from there to find some new and different ports to visit.

We're back.

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