Thursday, September 12, 2013

Half Moon Cay

I will be writing a series of absentee BLOGS while Michelle and I are on vacation. I'll be letting everyone know where we are and what we will be doing each day.

Today will be the highlight of our cruise, we'll once again be at Carnival's private island Half Moon Cay. This is where the snorkeling was the best for us last year and we fully intend on snorkeling once again in this tropical island paradise.

Carnival goes all out here, they actually provide a cookout lunch on the island. They own the island, so they have a number of things they can do here that they really can't do anywhere else.

It is absolutely beautiful here and this has to be my favorite place I have ever been, if not on the whole earth. I wish everyone could be with me, but I'll do the next best thing and provide a video for all to enjoy. This was someone elses video from another cruise ship, but you'll get an understanding of what thisn wonderful place is like.

Tomorrow we head to our third and final Port, Freeport Bahamas.

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