Monday, March 01, 2010

Ugly Monday

You had to do it, you had to show up and ruin my weekend didn't you. I'm talking to you Monday, you and your ugly mug had ruin my perfectly good weekend. Thanks a lot Monday, you know you are my least favorite day.

Oh well, since we are there it is back to work and a Doctors appointment this afternoon for me. This is a regularly scheduled visit, but a required visit that I have to do prior to my surgery. Unfortunately this or the next time will be the last time I see Dr. Feathers as he is going to he going to South Carolina to specialize in Sports Medicine. I'll probably have a new Dr come this July.

Did anyone watch the Gold Medal Hockey game yesterday, how do you have one of your favorite players from your favorite team rip your heart out and win the Gold Medal for his country. It was an awesome game with the Americans pushing it to Sudden Death Overtime in the games final seconds to tie it up 2-2. Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby ended the game giving Canada the gold medal with his overtime goal.

Oh well, Hi Ho Hi Ho....

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