Thursday, March 04, 2010

Anyone Ready for a Warm Weekend?

I know I am loooong overdue in enjoying a warm weather weekend and this weekend looks like it might just be that, a warmer weather weekend.

Temps should be in the mid to upper 40's here, meaning that snow will be melting away even more and we can get out and enjoy ourselves a little more.

Never know might even be a good weekend to look for our first geocache of the season. We had a lot of work done to the car with new tires, new starter, new brakes and repairing a few minor issues that it might be time to stretch our legs a little and get out and about.

P&P Auctions is having their monthly auction scheduled this Saturday if anyone is interested. It's a nice day to have an auction, nice weather and I'm sure you can find a deal or two.

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