Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Midweek Tidbits

* I'm due to do a tidbits BLOG, maybe I should make this one it.

* If you are not doing anything this afternoon and want something memorable to do, go to the Coliseum (Gates open at 3:30) to send off our West Virginia University Mountaineer Basketball team as it sets off for Indianapolis to play in the Final 4 and try to return with a National Championship. Give coach Huggins and this team the love they have earned if you have the time.

* I guess it is pretty sad when you have to learn about what is going on within your own family on Facebook. However my sister Kim had Oral Surgery yesterday morning. I tried calling yesterday morning, but realized the timing might not be right as she was probably in surgery.

* We're continuing getting ready for Saturday, it's calling for 81 degrees and sunny so hopefully everyone can have a great time and create a few memories. Michelle has been busting her butt trying to pull this off.

* 747 days since Michelle and I had our first date. Just in case anyone was wondering.

* 269 Shopping days left until Christmas.

* This is Blog post 1,940 for me. I should top 2,000 posts sometime in the near future. It's amazing the information and the history you create about yourself and the events around you simply by doing the following:

  1. Start a BLOG
  2. Write in the blog on a consistant basis
  3. Keep that blog going. Every time you stop or change it, you lose a piece of your own history.
  4. Make it your own

* Everyone have a great day, and Mom, put down the midget porn.

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