Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wedding Yesterday

No it wasn't me and Michelle, that got married (yet), it was a couple friends of ours who tied the knot yesterday. I posted a picture of me and Michelle because when it gets down to it, how many of my readers know the Bride and Groom.

It was a beautiful wedding at St. Mary's in Star City followed by a nice reception at the Knights of Columbus across the street. I have to say that it was a very beautiful wedding for the Knapps.

Myself and Michelle were joined by softball team mates and spouses Chewy Stavar and Courtney, Jenny Ostien (Chris was at another wedding) and Murph. Sean Arthurs another team mate was the Emcee and really did a very good job.

It was a beautiful dinner, Michelle had the Prime Rib and I could not pass up on the delectable Orange Roughy for dinner mixed with a nice medley of vegetables.

One down, now one more to go next week.

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