Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesdays Tidbits

* Maybe it is time for me to do a tidbits, nothing major to say but not really into Twitting.

* WVU Football practice is in full swing and has been since this past Saturday. The season whether we want it or not is right around the corner.

* Hayley is going to have a much deserved day off, she worked all weekend long and it was the early morning shift for three days preceded by a late afternoon shift when she had to turn around and go back in the next morning.

* Good news at work, I finally have new new computer. It arrived to the office yesterday afternoon, we just need to configure it to the network and today should be the "Install all the Software" day. I don't mid though, I kind of like doing that. Truth be told the last thing I did on that computer was write this blog entry.

* We may be heading North to the Tanger Outlets this weekend, school is right around the corner and Hayley is wanting to do some school clothes shopping.

* One of West Virginia's favorite daughters has returned to the Mountain State, Mary Lou Retton the 1984 Women's All Around Olympic Gold Medalist has returned to Fairmont to live after living in Houston the last 30 years. Her Husband just took over a position at Fairmont State and they have already bought a home here.

* Where has the summer went to, it seems like just yesterday we were starting softball practice and WVU was letting out for the summer. We are less than two weeks from when the students will be returning to Morgantown.

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