Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new

About a week and a half ago Michelle was playing Wii Bowling at our house and accidentally let the wii controller slip out of her hand into the screen of our HDTV cracking the screen and rendering basically 1/4 of it useless.

We started looking around and found a Sony Bravia that we really liked, this is a 1080P as opposed to our 720P that we had on the previous TV. It has a much higher resolution and a few easily accessible ports. I had done some research on the Bravia and realized it would be quite simple hooking her laptop to the new TV.
Needless to say our new TV was delivered yesterday and it had a nice handy little VGA slot on the side of it. I went to office Depot and connected Michelle's Laptop to the TV and walla, Michelle is playing her beloved Facebook Farmtown on the TV after I set her laptop up for dual monitors, one of which being the option of the TV.

I think she likes the set up, Farmtown on the HDTV. We also tried watching a few movies through her laptop on the TV and that worked quite well also.

So, the old is now in the spare bedroom with the Wii hooked up to it, and the new one is safely in the living room away from any flying remotes.

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