Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wedding Reception

Yesterday was the culmination of the Amy and Ralphie wedding, it was the celebration a day after the event. When both friends and family all joined together where Ralph, Amy and Kaiden Dalton all call home and celebrate their marriage together.

I managed to get all of the pics from both the wedding and the reception up on my site so that they can be hosted. HERE are all of my pictures from the last two days minus the functions not associated with the wedding (softball get together).

It was nice to see a few of the favorite patrons from Nick and Terri's Tavern coming to pay homage to the newly weds. I think Joe Kisner has always been a pleasure to talk to as I once again had the opportunity to talk to him again yesterday.

I think both Ralph and Amy are now breathing a sigh of relief that this thing is all over with, with the exception of telling anyone left over this morning that the roads are getting bad. LOL

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ralph Dalton.

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