Monday, August 03, 2009

Farewell to ChiChi

I woke up this morning to find some very sad news. My Brother's Tea Cup Chihuahua that he has had since I can;t even remember when has passed away throughout the night.

I can't remember how long he has had her, Val mentioned at least 15 years, but I remember when he first got her. He would walk around with her in his shirt pocket.

In my Dad's last few months she was a constant companion for him. she was always under the blanket with him and the man would actually cook for the dog. I mean he would cook a steak and cut it up just for the dog, and if you knew my dad the steak was probably US Grade A choice too. There were times he would stop by McDonald's buy this small Tea Cup Chihuahua a Big Mac. Anyone ever see a vegetarian dog? She would eat the lettuce and not the meat (if that is what it is) patty.

Through good times, bad times and quite a few girlfriends for my brother, Chi Chi has always been his constant best friend.

For family pet longevity, Chi Chi rivals Terri's old dog Tucker as the families oldest pets.

My heart goes out to my brother for the loss of his best friend.

RIP Chi Chi, you will be missed. I'm sure my dad has a steak ready for her.

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