Monday, May 17, 2021

Another Week Starting

Here I go once again on this bright Monday Morning, I'm once again hitting the road and attempting to put my nose on the grindstone for another fun-filled and challenging week of doing what it is I do for a living. 

Today I head in a different direction, I have been working in the Northern Panhandle since February with the exception of a week I worked in Charleston. Today I head to Romney WV and work the other Panhandle. Now it is time to start addressing the Eastern Panhandle as I travel East this morning. New segments, new people and new challenges await me as I travel to a series of places that I am not all that familiar with. 

I do have to say I can't ever recall ever being in Romney, so this will be my first trip to the area. I'll be staying at a hotel that was recommended by a co-worker, the Koolwink which seems to have some really nice reviews from everywhere. Considering I will be down there for a number of weeks, I'm just hoping it has everything I need for my stay. I've stayed so many weeks in Weirton that I may actually start to miss it a little as I was learning a lot about the place. Oh well, new places, new adventures and new challenges. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

Hi ho hi ho

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