Monday, May 10, 2021

Another Monday, Another Trip

Here I go once again on this bright Monday morning. I will be taking my nose and sticking it on the collective grindstone for the week starting today. So let's all take our collective noses and stick them on that thing so we can collectively make this a better world to live in. 

I'll be working in Weirton one more time this week, I have a very strong feeling this will be my last week there, I've called Gary and let him know I'll be up there this week. Before I go to Weirton I have to go to Robinson Township and try to get in for an N-95 Mask fitting. If I don't get in as a walk-in this morning, I have a 3:30 Wed appointment. Fortunately, the highway right beside my hotel is a straight shot to where I need to go and vice versa. The N-95 masks will allow me to do fieldwork anywhere including counties that are shut down due to covid. 

I think Michelle's Mother Goose nickname is going to stick, the last three days there has been this one goose who keeps walking up to the patio door as if to say, HEY LADY, I'M HERE AND I'M HUNGRY!! My wonderful wife always responds in kind and puts some bread out for them. Our backyard is a zoo, maybe we should start charging admission and call Michelle's occupation as a zoo keeper. 

Anyways have a great day and the start to a great week of changing the world.

Hi ho hi ho

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