Thursday, January 26, 2006

Updtae #3 on Kim from Robert

Today was another good/bad day with much more good than bad. First of all we managed to get into a private room this afternoon which makes things much easier on us. The big concern for today were Kim's lungs. They were starting to fill up with fluid from her pain medicine (morphine) and her lack of activity. We were able to reverse this process, however, with a fair amount of walking and some breathing exercises. Her blood oxygen level is now in the upper 90's on it's own. Her temperature has stabilized and has been within normal levels all day. She is still in alot of pain but they removed her from her pain pump and she is back on a regular diet without any intravenous fluids. They left the IV in her arm just in case they need to administer something to her later. She also still has a drain tube in her abdomen to keep any excess fluids from building up in her abdomen and casing her more pain. With any luck she just might be able to go home tomorrow though we both know that the ride home will be excruciatingly painful for her. If all continues to go well the doctor will remove the drain tube tomorrow before we head home and then Kim will have her staples removed in about 3 weeks. The stent will remain in for about 6 weeks to allow her time to heal.

As far as mother nature goes I guess she decided she didn't want a piece of me after all. They were calling for 12 inches of snow with 30-40mph winds this morning but we only got about 2 inches. I guess the weathermen and Ruby doctors have something in common. If you know what I mean.

Talk to you all tomorrow hopefully from home.

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