Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mom's 1st Multi-Media File

Would you believe that it's Thursday night and I of all people missed my favorite television show? How did I miss survivor? Oh well.

Actually I went over to my mother's place tonight and gave her a quick little tutorial on how to do Window Media Files. She liked the It's a Wonderful World that I did and wanted to do one of her own. It's actually a pretty esy process so I walked her through it. Give her a little time and I think she's going to master this, especially now she knows this is pretty easy.

We sorted through some pictures that she wanted to use, and I think we finished with about 20 or so that she wanted to add in. She also wanted to add the music, so that was a tough decision, but she finally came up with I will Always Love You, and she chose the original Dolly Parton version of the song. She had a CD of the recording so I ripped it into an mp3 for her and rounded up the pictures to help her get started with her first file.

So, in it's world internet debut for your viewing pleasure, this is my mom's first media file I Will Always Love You. Great Job Mom.

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