Saturday, October 16, 2004

I finally got them

I finally did it. I managed to get the only two pictures of all my siblings finally scanned and on the internet. I never could understand why there aren't any more of them, thee are pictures with a lot of us, but we never seemed to get all of of us in the picture except for twice.

A little history, there are five of us. Me, Kim, Terri, Pam and Gary. I was raised by my paternal grandparents here in Morganotwn. Kim was raised by my maternal grandmother in McClellandtown PA. Terri was raised by my mother. Pam and Gary were raised with my dad and Jean. So, with a family feud here and there, the five of us rarely managed to get into the same picture.

There were two incidences when the pictures occured, the first was a few years ago at my grandmother's house during a summer cookout and BBQ. Kim had came in from PA for the week to stay with my mom and Terri for a week during the summer. My Dad had a BBQ at my grandmothers and both Kim and Terri came to visit me for a couple days for the first photo opportunity.

There were numerous times when we could have had another picture taken, unfortunately it was my father's funeral before the five of us managed to get in front of the camera together again.

It was a challenge to find copies of these pictures and actually get scanned and uploaded.

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