Sunday, March 04, 2018


Well it's actually late Saturday Night and I plan on resting tonight, so I'll write this and schedule it to post in the morning. The auction went great, arguably the best auction Jim and Chris have ever had.

Now that the auction is done and over with, time to focus our attention to the house. Today will be a regular day of finishing up laundry, going grocery shopping and going to Phoenix Bakery. I love my Sunday Mornings and our routine, arguably mine and Michelle's best quality time together during the week on some occasions.

The mess that is the West Virginia State Legislature continues. I am 100% behind the teachers and think there is a certain group of legislators that just need to be voted out of office this November. A bunch of incompetent buffoons to say the least. I guess the same guys who don't want to give the teachers a pay raise, ran up $2,000 dinner bill and charged it to a state account just last night in Charleston. You also got to love a Billionaire who is $3 Million delinquent in their own taxes talking about fiscal responsibility. They have made a mockery of our State Legislature, it's time to put the adults back in charge. Rant over.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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