Saturday, March 03, 2018

It's an Auction Day Saturday

Here I sit once again, waaaaay too early in the morning to wake up for the day, but I am awake enough to sit here a few minutes and type my thoughts onto a keyboard and onto the net for the world to see. Amazing the technology we have today, I think back to the time of my youth and living with my Grandparents and how far we have come. This would have been unfathomable.

It's Auction Day and it's been in the works for a couple of week. Tonight at 6:00 at Woodland United Methodist Church Gym, two of the best Auctioneers I know will be auctioning off some treasures for all to enjoy. Come on out and find yourself a bargain or a treasure. They have updated the items page with a number of other new items that are up for auction this evening.I know Jim also has a number of tools from the Tool Shed, his business in Blacksville, up for sale. Come on out and find yourself a deal, treasure or bargain. There are a number of collectibles up for auction today.

Both Michelle and I will be at the auction this evening, she went up last night after work to assist Jim and Chris but they seemed to have it all done when she got there. I was going to go up, but they had pretty much all set up when she got there that I stayed home. I know she is going to go up this afternoon as they do the final set up and  get ready for this evening.

Have yourselves a great day and come find yourself a bargain.

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