Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded and dreary start of a week Monday is now over with, now it's time to concentrate on a Tuesday, still can't think of a better reason to do a tidbits.

* It has been 19,000 days since my birth. That is not an estimate, that is the actual count. Happy 19,000th day to me.

* It has been 4,223 days since I graduated from West Virginia University.

* 2,824 days ago mine and Michelle's lives changed forever as we went out on our very first date. I remember Hayley's advice to Michelle, don't drink pop it makes you burp...lol

* It was 2,048 days ago that Michelle and I became engaged to be married. It's a special time in your life when you find that someone you want to make the lifelong commitment to.

* It has been 1,585 days since Michelle and I stood in front of our closest family and friends and had ourselves a getting hitched dinner.

* I have 5,837 days to go, give or take a few hundred here or there, before I finally retire.

* I'm still counting and there are only 2,275 days top go until WVU vs Pitt in Football is renewed. There is a house beside the stadium that also has this running total going.

* There are only 359 more days to go until my next anniversary of my 21st Birthday.

* There are 298 days to go (estimate) until the 2016 Springs Festival.

* There are only 278 more days to go until or 2015 cruise. This will be our fifth cruise on the Carnival Pride.

* We have a total of 242 more days to go until Mine and Michelle's  Fifth Wedding Anniversary.

* There are only 103 days to go until my favorite season starts,  Spring 2016. Come on birdies and flowers I am willing to sacrifice seeing any snow this year if Mother Nature would be so kind to skip Winter.

* In just 56 more days Phil gets to get a national spotlight on himself once again for Groundhogs Day. I think he's just a showoff...lol

* Only 23 more days of content to write before my Goodbye 2015 blog is written and posted. I will probably start formatting it in the very near future.

* There are only 17 more Shopping days left until Christmas.

* I have written a grand total of 4,287 blogs in my 11+ years of writing George's Journal. That's a lot of words, and if each post has averaged 233 words in it, I'm arguably getting close to one million words written as a blogger.

* There have been a few updates to the Hall Family Website, it's growing slowly but surely. It currently consists of 259 people and is still growing. So far I am at my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents on my Mothers side and I know I can go at least one more generation beyond that.

* Nothing new this week once again on the Brother search.

* Have I ever mentioned my feelings about snow on this blog? I Hate Snow

* I am so happy to finally once again after all of these years to have Bubble Lights again. My Grandmother always had them up under her tree, I am just so thankful that I can once again enjoy these wonderful lights. My favorite Christmas Lights I would have to say.

* It has been announced that West Virginia will play Arizona State in the Cactus Bowl on January 2nd. It's going to be a late start here in Morgantown, but it's a Saturday Night game so that is good.

* As many know, I have a 4 TB MyCloud Drive running at home to back up and serve out all my pictures, movies and music. A co-worker bought one for himself this weekend.

* Michelle helped me find a great site to research old family information in West Virginia. LINK has been very useful to say the least.

* Our Christmas Tree has a few ornaments of people who are no longer with us. My Dad has one and my Grandparents each have one, this year we will add a few more of people who touched our lives but are no longer with us. Jean and Mick's ornaments are both ready to be added.

* Have yourselves a great day

* Hi ho hi ho

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